The Spring/Summer Wedding Season is here!



The Winter has finally passed and Spring and Summer are upon us!  If you are having a beautiful wedding, you might as well let your reception be just as fantastic.  Have your wedding day be the perfect day for you and your loved ones, and let the wedding night be a continuation of the happiest moment of your life.  Everything has to be the best that it can be, from the location of the wedding to the dress to the ring, so why not have the perfect venue to cap off a day of amazement.  At Renaissance Banquet Hall, we are here for you on the day that matters most.


Save Money on Your Honeymoon

wedding porch from Wedding MagazineAfter you plan your whole wedding, you may find that there isn’t much budget leftover for the honeymoon. This is fine;  your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that deserves to have your full effort.

But relaxing on a beach or during a full-body massage is necessary to remove the stress of wedding planning and to celebrate with your spouse.

So check out this Wedding Magazine article with tips to finding a honeymoon vacation within your budget. They have advice for planning and booking that could make your dream honeymoon a reality.

Good luck!

10 Tips to Pick & Design Your Ideal Wedding Cake

pink wedding cakeWedding Magazine featured a terrific article with 10 tips to help you design or select a wedding cake.

While this isn’t the biggest decision you will make, it is one of the most noticeable. Besides the bridal gown, the cake typically makes the most impact on guests and leaves the largest impression. No matter how amazing the ceremony and reception are executed, an ugly cake can leave, well, a bad after taste. Continue reading

Top 10 Wedding Speeches on YouTube

best wedding speechesGet ready to laugh, cry, and cheer with this collection of the 10 best wedding speeches from Wedding Magazine. These clips are sure to make an impact and inspire your own speeches.

With songs, skits, toasts, and poetry performed by grooms, brides, fathers, best men, and bridesmaids, you are sure to find a video that speaks to you. Just make sure you have a box of tissues on hand for when the waterworks start.

Save Money Without Compromising Your Dream Wedding!

thrifty tipsWedding budgets can quickly escalate and you will find yourself cutting back on items that you really wanted.

This Wedding Magazine article offers creative tips for saving money, from DIY projects to ring shopping to using an iPod as a DJ.

You don’t have to compromise your vision in order to duck under your budget roof. There are plenty of ways to throw your dream wedding without sacrificing the quality of the venue, dress, or other important aspect.

Cash Gifts: 82% of Newlyweds Sell Their Wedding Presents

wedding-gifts from depositagift.comAs reported in this blog for Wedding Magazine, 82% of newlyweds sell their gifts on eBay or a similar website.

After shelling out tons of dough for the ceremony and reception, getting fine china and silverware doesn’t feel that great. Sure, that fancy juicer looked useful when filling out the registry, but it looks a lot less practical when trying to pay the bills or afford a lavish honeymoon.

In a related study, 42% of participants polled said that buying a wedding gift was stressful. Instead of getting worked up doing a chore for people who won’t appreciate it, why not just give cash or store credit? That way, everybody ends up happy.

Getting Married this Fall? Check out Lovely Bouquets from Project Wedding

Fall Bouquet from Project WeddingProject Wedding is a website devoted to giving you great tips, ideas, and advice for planning your wedding.

If you’re planning an autumnal wedding, they have a special photo gallery dedicated to fall bouquets. Get inspired by their lovely floral arrangements that are perfect for the season. You can find suggestions for types of flowers, colors schemes, and cuisine that is ideal for a fall wedding.

Hope you find this gallery to be helpful and inspirational!

How to Handle Unruly Wedding Guests

Champagne bottles in a bucketMost weddings go off flawlessly, with the guests all behaving themselves and having a magnificent time. But, every once in a while, a situation arises where a wedding guest must be forcibly removed or restrained. Here are some tips for handling this scenario, so nothing prevents the execution of your ideal, dream wedding.

1) Identify Potential Problem Guests Beforehand

If you know that your aunt hates your fiancé or his cousin has a reputation for drinking too much and getting belligerent, it is important to let the planner be aware. You don’t have to withdraw the person’s invitation or put a muzzle on them, but you can have a trusted family member keep a close eye on him or her.

2) Speak to Anyone with Objections

If someone has a serious objection to your union, don’t wait until you are at the altar to address it. Speak to the individual privately or send one of your parents. Talking through the problem could help clear up the misunderstanding.

3) Remember: It is YOUR Day

When speaking with the objectionable person, find out what the issue is. If it involves something that cannot be resolved, such as the race or religion of the fiancé, then it may be in your best interest to take away the invitation. This is harsh, but you should not be worrying about Uncle Mortimer making an offensive statement on your big day.

4) Monitor Alcohol Consumption

Open bars can lead to open mouths, and people’s true opinions will start to come out. They may also start acting foolish, rude, or inappropriate. This does not mean you should have a dry wedding; it means that you need to make sure your bartender does not over serve anyone.

5) Act Swiftly

Don’t let bad situations get further out of control. Have an usher quickly remove the inconsiderate individual so that the ceremony and reception can proceed.

Best of luck on your coming nuptials!