The Spring/Summer Wedding Season is here!



The Winter has finally passed and Spring and Summer are upon us!  If you are having a beautiful wedding, you might as well let your reception be just as fantastic.  Have your wedding day be the perfect day for you and your loved ones, and let the wedding night be a continuation of the happiest moment of your life.  Everything has to be the best that it can be, from the location of the wedding to the dress to the ring, so why not have the perfect venue to cap off a day of amazement.  At Renaissance Banquet Hall, we are here for you on the day that matters most.


Renaissance Restaurant Launches New Website

Welcome to Renaissance Banquet’s brand new website! We re-launched our site on the internet to better represent the wide array of services that we offer to customers.

Our Glendale staff and loyal patrons have long had the knowledge that we serve mouth-watering cuisine and feature luxurious banquet halls, but we wanted all of Los Angeles to enjoy the experience. Now you can, with photo galleries, videos, and virtual tours of the premises that allow guests to digitally walk down the red carpet, see the lovely sculpted fountain, view the Renaissance-inspired décor, and compare the two elegant ballrooms.

Yes, you read that right; we have two distinct venues. The Grand Ballroom hosts up to 700 people while the more intimate Crystal Ballroom can accommodate 200. Both have a stage, dance floor, custom lighting, and sound system, so it really depends on the magnitude of your event. But don’t take our word for it- check it out for yourself in the photo gallery.

If you want to know more about Renaissance, take a guided tour, or plan your wedding reception, then give us a call or fill out the contact page. With the updated website, planning your party is easier than ever!

Why Name the Venue “Renaissance?”

Renaissance Banquet is a magnificent venue for weddings, corporate events, parties, anniversaries, and all sorts of celebrations. We serve delicious catering, have a friendly staff that works diligently to help decorate your event, and feature the standard equipment and luxuries for wedding receptions. But many clients want to know, “Why are you named ‘Renaissance’ Banquet?”

The Renaissance was a period of artistic and intellectual growth in 1950s Italy that spread throughout Europe. The word actually means “rebirth” and signifies the renewed interest in Greek and Roman influences following the Dark Ages.

This era produced some of the most intelligent and astounding thinkers of all time, famous names like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, as well as marvelous architectural projects like St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

As a high point in human history, the Renaissance period is forever embedded in our minds for its achievements in architecture and painting, themes that are utilized to the fullest extent in our Glendale banquet hall.

View our photo gallery to see the arches and arched windows that were directly influenced by the Renaissance architects. We also have pictures of the elegant décor and lovely paintings, also inspired by the Italian geniuses.

In short, we want to commemorate this triumphant age of beauty and brilliance throughout our banquet halls. And the style works; you are hard-pressed to find a party and wedding venue as sophisticated as Renaissance. We carry on the artistic dreams of the 15th century so that our clients may enjoy them for years to come.