Social Media Etiquette at Weddings

Facebook logoWhen my wife gave birth to our daughter last week, I updated my Facebook status to, “I’m a daddy!” I was flooded with Likes and congratulatory comments, but one particular response has stuck with me; my cousin said, “It isn’t official unless there are pictures…”

Now take a moment to mull over that comment- not only was I in the delivery room making sure my wife and child were okay, but less than five years ago it would be ridiculous to assume every person had access to:

a)      Wi-Fi internet,

b)      A smart phone, AND

c)      Facebook mobile app

In 2013, though, just saying something is not enough; there must be proof. Because smart phones have become so common, people are expected to take pictures of every aspect of their lives. Continue reading

Picking a Wedding Favor that Reflects Your Personality

The wedding favor is one of the most innocuous parts of the wedding, and is often an afterthought when the couple is tired of planning. But in my experience, which includes dozens of weddings, I have found that the favor often leaves a lasting impression on guests. If they have a lame item to take home, it may alter their perception of the wedding. Continue reading

How to Make Money Hosting Banquet Hall Parties

Most of the events that Renaissance hosts are special parties for family and friends, such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. Occasionally, though, we get third parties who want to sponsor events with cover. Depending on the nature of the event, we will rent out our Los Angeles banquet hall to these businesses.

In reality, any ambitious person could host one of these events. In no way would it be easy, but it is definitely conceivable.

Here are some steps to take if you are interested in earning some extra cash or want to get into the party hosting/planning industry. Continue reading

Best 3 Blogs from 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 was a big year for Renaissance Banquet halls in Los Angeles. We launched our new website in July, hosted lovely wedding receptions, and expanded our client list.

One part of our success was the Renaissance Blog that offered party planning tips, wedding advice, and decorating suggestions. Although it was brief, we still posted enough good articles to pick our top three, which I present for you today. Enjoy! Continue reading

Holiday Party Tips from Renaissance Banquet

Whether you are planning to rent out Renaissance Banquet halls in Los Angeles or throw a party from home, we hope that you get a chance to celebrate the holidays this year. Nothing is better for spreading good cheer than gathering with family and friends for food, drink, and merriment.

With that in mind, we would like to offer some holiday party tips that you can use at your office party, family reunion, or other event to make everything more festive. Continue reading

Wedding Planning 101: 5 Ways to Use New Technology to Improve Your Wedding

Hello readers!

I know you’re back again for some more wedding planning tips, and I have some good ones today. This week I will be letting you know how new technologies are making it easier than ever to plan your wedding and reception. Let’s dive in!


You can constantly Tweet your followers with updates for your wedding ideas, like decorations, menus, dresses, and other decisions. You can also ask for feedback while making choices. This keeps everyone involved and raises their stakes in your ceremony. Continue reading

3 Wedding Guests that Could Ruin Your Big Day

Wedding planning is a big ordeal with plenty of pressures and stresses. You have to pick the reception venue, hire a photographer, find a florist, and sort through all the minute details to make the day go smoothly. But sometimes it something unexpected that causes the most problems.

We can’t prepare you for everything, but here are three scenarios that could equal disaster during your wedding or reception. Continue reading

Hiring An Amateur Wedding Photographer: A True Story

My cousin Clarissa was married in the summer of 2010 while trying to obtain her PhD in physics. Her collegiate career took her through two undergraduate universities and a third for her Masters and Doctorate programs. Although her field of expertise would lead you to believe she hung out with nerdy physicists, she was far more fond of dive bars and artistic, hipster-types- the average Saturday night crowd at half of LA’s popular indie clubs. Continue reading