10 Tips to Pick & Design Your Ideal Wedding Cake

pink wedding cakeWedding Magazine featured a terrific article with 10 tips to help you design or select a wedding cake.

While this isn’t the biggest decision you will make, it is one of the most noticeable. Besides the bridal gown, the cake typically makes the most impact on guests and leaves the largest impression. No matter how amazing the ceremony and reception are executed, an ugly cake can leave, well, a bad after taste. Continue reading

How to Handle Unruly Wedding Guests

Champagne bottles in a bucketMost weddings go off flawlessly, with the guests all behaving themselves and having a magnificent time. But, every once in a while, a situation arises where a wedding guest must be forcibly removed or restrained. Here are some tips for handling this scenario, so nothing prevents the execution of your ideal, dream wedding.

1) Identify Potential Problem Guests Beforehand

If you know that your aunt hates your fiancé or his cousin has a reputation for drinking too much and getting belligerent, it is important to let the planner be aware. You don’t have to withdraw the person’s invitation or put a muzzle on them, but you can have a trusted family member keep a close eye on him or her.

2) Speak to Anyone with Objections

If someone has a serious objection to your union, don’t wait until you are at the altar to address it. Speak to the individual privately or send one of your parents. Talking through the problem could help clear up the misunderstanding.

3) Remember: It is YOUR Day

When speaking with the objectionable person, find out what the issue is. If it involves something that cannot be resolved, such as the race or religion of the fiancé, then it may be in your best interest to take away the invitation. This is harsh, but you should not be worrying about Uncle Mortimer making an offensive statement on your big day.

4) Monitor Alcohol Consumption

Open bars can lead to open mouths, and people’s true opinions will start to come out. They may also start acting foolish, rude, or inappropriate. This does not mean you should have a dry wedding; it means that you need to make sure your bartender does not over serve anyone.

5) Act Swiftly

Don’t let bad situations get further out of control. Have an usher quickly remove the inconsiderate individual so that the ceremony and reception can proceed.

Best of luck on your coming nuptials!

Picking a Wedding Favor that Reflects Your Personality

The wedding favor is one of the most innocuous parts of the wedding, and is often an afterthought when the couple is tired of planning. But in my experience, which includes dozens of weddings, I have found that the favor often leaves a lasting impression on guests. If they have a lame item to take home, it may alter their perception of the wedding. Continue reading

Wedding Planning 101: 5 Ways to Use New Technology to Improve Your Wedding

Hello readers!

I know you’re back again for some more wedding planning tips, and I have some good ones today. This week I will be letting you know how new technologies are making it easier than ever to plan your wedding and reception. Let’s dive in!


You can constantly Tweet your followers with updates for your wedding ideas, like decorations, menus, dresses, and other decisions. You can also ask for feedback while making choices. This keeps everyone involved and raises their stakes in your ceremony. Continue reading

3 Wedding Guests that Could Ruin Your Big Day

Wedding planning is a big ordeal with plenty of pressures and stresses. You have to pick the reception venue, hire a photographer, find a florist, and sort through all the minute details to make the day go smoothly. But sometimes it something unexpected that causes the most problems.

We can’t prepare you for everything, but here are three scenarios that could equal disaster during your wedding or reception. Continue reading

Wedding Planning 101: How to Hire a DJ

“Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, YO! I’m Party Animal Andy and before I kick off this wedding, I’d like to give mad props to the bride and groom, sexy Sarah and Brad… what’s that? Oh, I mean Sarah and Brian. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to spin some tracks tonight. I really appreciate this chance after spending the past two years in Chino State, serving time for a crime I didn’t commit. This is an awesome time for me, and I promise to play your favorite songs but I’m gonna start off with a few tracks from my independent LP, Born on the Streetz. Enjoy!”

This is the absolute worst scenario that the bride and groom fear from their DJ. Continue reading