Corporate Events

The office is a humdrum place to throw a holiday party, so we suggest that you mix it up by moving off-site to Renaissance . Located in Glendale, our venue is the perfect way to add some variety to the mundane corporate lifestyle. The Crystal Ballroom, decorated in Renaissance Era fashion, accommodates up to 200 people. This is ideal for a small business party, inviting spouses and children to join in the celebration!

But we don’t just host parties; we also work with clients to arrange corporate events such as seminars, meetings, and presentations. When being forced to ingest a new business model, tech information, or strategic sales planning, it can be helpful to do so from the comfort of our elegant rooms. The luxury will certainly impress potential clients or visiting management from other branches of the company. We can also offer catering during breaks, serving snacks or lunch.

Lastly, an awards ceremony can be exactly what the doctor ordered for rewarding and motivating excellent employee success. Whether it is a serious ceremony or a fun party, the backdrop of Renaissance’s European-style décor makes the award process even more memorable.

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